My focus is to help you reach your total wellness and regain confidence in life by incorporating holistic modalities forming complete package for Mind, Body and Spirit 

Your journey starts here...



 ·Deepen Connection

· Reflect your inner light

· Examine subconscious mind,thoughts and feelings

· Inner calmness 

· Stability in life

· Understanding of self

· Clarity

· Active Mind,Body and Spirit

· Building good relationships

· Exploring your inner power

· Strengthening your emotional journey

· Developing self awareness 



· Attract Wealth

· Gain success at work

· Overcoming emotional blocks 

· Anger, depression and Anxiety

· Improved relationships

· Strengthening Left and Right Brain

· Relaxation techniques for nervous system

· Memory improvement

· Developing leadership qualities

· Strengthening focus 

· calmness

· Goal Setting

· Direction of path

· Learn to cope with difficult situations

· Learning self love

· Raising Vibration 

· Breaking poverty mind Patterns

· Developing compassion

· Releasing old traumas 



· Abundance

· Love 

· Support

· Calmness

· Relaxation

· Absorbing 

· Attaining unique knowledge

· New way of living 

· Transformation

· Connect to yourself 

· New experiences

· Upliftment

· Sharp life Vision

· More confidence

· Better understanding


Video Capturing Some of Lalita's Work 

Television Show

Television show on Self Awareness 

Television Show

Lalita Vaid television show on Money