About Lalita


Lalita, is an Author, Entrepreneur and Teacher . She explored her spiritual intuitive gifts at very young age. In the past she had been a passionate flight attendant as well but soon after leaving her aviation carrier she explored her main arena of Holistic studies . She studied and certified in various types of holistic health related subjects and therapies for almost a decade. She has helped many men and woman to empower themselves by overcoming their fears and walking pass their broken relationships with self and others, so that they can live life of their dreams. 

Lalita, has deep knowledge about various holistic subjects and therapies. She has profound awareness about various aspects of life specially when it comes self awareness , relationships and mental health . She has worked diligently more than a decade with her clients and helped them gain freedom from any kind of stuck emotional situations. Lalita, is confident that backbone of attaining any kind of success is through spiritual alignment of mind, body and spirit.




· Hypnotherapy

· Health and Nutrition 

· Akashic Records Reading

· Mediumship

· Irodology

· Pranic Healing 

· Crystal Healing 

· Feng Shui

· Reiki Master 

· Meditation 

· Super brain Yoga

· Clinical Detoxification

· Colour therapy

· Gestalt Psychology

· Energy Medicine

· NuroLinguistic Programming 



"I have had numerous sessions with Lalita to clear energy blockages and balance chakras. I always wave feeling lighter and thinking clearly. lalita's intuitive gifts have helped me understand and appreciate my life journey and the journey of those around me. She is    compassionate and wise beyond her years" .

Karen German 

Holistic Nutritionist 

"Akashic records is powerful tool for alleviating inner success. It accelerates path and purpose towards life fulfillment. The experience I had with Lalita, being in my record was phenomenal. She is able to meet me where I am at and give accurate information which helps me to overcome my difficulties. I highly recommend her services as an Akashic record consultant. I have been to other Akashic record readers more than a decade now. I could really say lalita is one of very top ones on my recommendation".

Kate Yuan


"Lalita Vaid , you are my divine escort while I embark on my success journey . You are my translator , interpreting the wisdom of universe.You are my secret weapon in generating an abundant life.It is with the utmost confidence that I recommended you to entrepreneurs who are deeply committed to receiving a profound level of insight into their success".

Amy Barroso

Business Relationship Designer 

White Lightning Communications